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Composing light and shadows to provide remarkable focal points that create a broad range of stunning, realistic images!

I am interested in people, what we all get up to, how we present ourselves and what we enjoy, both formally and informally. I work (sometimes with an assistant), to tell individual and collective stories through vibrant prints. My acute sense of the occasion, surroundings, mood, focal points and light allows me to capture a range of honest images staged or candid that resonate strongly with a wide range of viewers, audiences and clients. All post production work enhances each in-camera composition.
My photographic practice encompasses broad commercial and exhibition genres.
SCP fees are $95 per hour including intrastate land travel, location or studio work – projects undertaken on the mainland will attract an additional cost subject to negotiation. Note: the first 1.5 hours consultation is free with a deposit of 30% of the quoted fee required on signing of the agreement. Post processing fees are based on a sliding scale pricing model according to the final number of images selected.
Turnaround time that includes post production work is anticipated to be within 2 weeks – subject to negotiation.
Please feel free to contact me for a confidential and no obligation conversation.